Pharmaceutical Company


The soul of the universe is
the truth.
— Ibn Sina Avicenna

A young ambitious company offers a wide range of dietary supplements for comprehensive health maintenance.

Pharmspace, LLC strives to create a special culture of health in society, in which a person is engaged not in the treatment of existing diseases, but in their prevention and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.
Successful and fruitful experience
As part of a successful pharmaceutical manufacturing company.
Effective combination of European technologies and traditions of the East
A team of pharmaceutical industry professionals.
Direct deliveries from factories
Supplements wholesale from the most famous manufacturers.
We are a distributor providing medicines to more than 100 contractors on a contractual basis. We built an efficient logistics chain throughout the country.
The company has a wholesale warehouse with a total area of more than 500 sq.m., which is fully packed with modern warehouse equipment. One of the main principles of warehousing is a strict compliance with the medicine storage conditions.
Today, Himalaya is a leading global herbal health and personal care organization with close to 500 products in over 100 countries. As their reach spread in various segments, they underwent a rebranding to bring the entire range of offerings under the single umbrella "Himalaya Since 1930". They consolidated our portfolios in Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care, BabyCare, Himalaya FOR MOMS, Wellness, and Animal Health.
LR Health & Beauty was founded in 1985 in the small town of Ahlen in Germany, where their headquarters and their production plants are still located. Today, they are active in 29 countries and have become one of the most successful direct sales enterprises in Europe.
The company has the opportunity to make its products available throughout the country in a short time, using its own workforce and its own logistics and transport services. The company adheres to a strategy aimed at making its products available to customers in the shortest possible time.
Cooperation with suppliers allows us to regulate wholesale and retail prices, provide supplements to the population at the most reasonable prices, while ensuring their quality.
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phone: +998 91 009 9172